About Shoreline Venture Management

Shoreline Venture Management invests in enterprise software and med-tech companies based in the Western U.S. and Canada. Our primary focus is on seed and early stage opportunities that address unmet needs in large markets and are capital efficient during proof of concept and again at scale.

While many venture funds focus primarily on mid and later stage investments, Shoreline provides capital to early stage ventures, which can include initial founder and seed funding. As companies grow, we typically provide add-on funding and secure co-investments from other venture capital funds to ensure that the financial needs of a portfolio company are fully met.

We remain actively engaged in our portfolio companies as they grow in size and maturity. We leverage the decades of experience within Shoreline Managing Directors, Venture Partners and Advisors to help portfolio companies anticipate and rapidly address key problems and strategic opportunities. Shoreline has experience in recruiting key team members, identifying market opportunities and competitive threats, developing operating strategies and assisting with the myriad of everyday operational issues that confront management teams.

Our Team

A network of industry specialists, thought leaders, and technologists.

Peter Craddock

Managing Director
Shoreline Venture Management, LLC

Bob Spears

Managing Director
Shoreline Venture Management, LLC

Maria Pacella

Managing Director – Canada
Shoreline Venture Management, LLC

Rich Freyberg

Venture Partner