Our Team

Our team’s diverse experience spans deep operational experience and early-stage investing over many years.

Peter Craddock

Managing Director, Bay Area

Bob Spears

Managing Director, Bay Area

Rob Taylor

Venture Partner, Bay Area

Joan Wrabetz

Venture Partner, Bay Area

Marian Hudacek

Business Development & Operations

Our team includes a very active network of venture partners and advisors who are industry specialists, thought leaders and technologists.

Rob Lange

Venture Partner, Los Angeles

Rich Miller

Venture Partner, Bay Area

Maria Pacella

Venture Partner, Vancouver

Doug Rainbolt

Venture Partner, Portland, Oregon

Mike Taylor

Venture Partner, Bay Area

Toufic Boubez

Advisor, Vancouver

Huy M. Do, MD

Advisor, Bay Area

Perry Frederick

Advisor, Île-de-France, France

David Swenson

Advisor, San Diego