Rob Taylor

Venture Partner
Bay Area


Rob has spent the last 20 years of his professional career in IT, primarily in internet based application and infrastructure software.  He has focused on the wireless communications industry, having served in a variety of global business development and general management positions for companies in the mobile device, services, infrastructure, and internet-based application sectors.

Rob is currently in charge of partnerships and business development for Apigee, part of Google Cloud.  In a prior life, he was responsible for the developer outreach operations of American Express and Nokia.  Rob served as a venture investor at Orange Ventures, a $225 million CVC fund for Orange SA.  His coverage area included mobile device operating software, radio area networks, core infrastructure software, and wireless applications and services.  Rob is a current advisory board member of Inova IT.  He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from the University of California at Berkeley.

Rob is an avid triathlete when his family commitments allow him to do any one of the three.  He also enjoys skiing and all other sports that his three kids want to play.  He spends his free time figuring out how to stay married to his wonderful wife.

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"Rob's been a key member of our board of advisors from the early days of what is now a ten year old company. Over the years he's influenced and helped execute many of the strategic decisions, including refocusing the company's core business as a response to trends and market changes he predicted. What's most admirable about Rob's advice is that it’s easy to implement since it's instilled with a mixture of strategy, insight, knowledge, and thoughtfulness. Rob's helped me sail the company through rough times, avoid pitfalls and thought experiments, and grow its top line by attracting new clients and entering new markets. I can't imagine leading the company without his advice."

Miha Lesjak

CEO of Inova IT