A venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage tech startups.

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Our Team

Our team’s diverse expertise spans deep operational experience and early-stage investing over many years.

Peter Craddock

Managing Director, Bay Area

Bob Spears

Managing Director, Bay Area

Rob Taylor

Venture Partner, Bay Area

Joan Wrabetz

Venture Partner, Bay Area

Marian Hudacek

Business Development & Operations

Our team includes a very active network of venture partners and advisors that are industry specialists, thought leaders and technologists.

Michael Kline

Venture Partner, Los Angeles

Rob Lange

Venture Partner, Nashville

Rich Miller

Venture Partner, Bay Area

Maria Pacella

Venture Partner, Vancouver

Mike Taylor

Venture Partner, Bay Area

Huy M. Do, MD

Advisor, Bay Area

Our Strategy

Leveraging the advantages of a small fund.

Right Time

We invest early – seed, Series A, through to exit — investing as little as $250,000 on an initial investment to $8 million over the course of a company’s financing cycles. We support founders beyond just capital. We provide operational guidance, identify business development opportunities, and assist in establishing and building out a management team.

Right Place

Western North America, from San Diego to Vancouver. We will look beyond just the Bay Area, and invest in key technology centers that foster great talent and ideas and where we have strong networks. We are not afraid to go “off-the-beaten path”.

Right Opportunity

We are focused on the intersection of data and technology and their application in the Enterprise and in Healthcare. Key investment areas include enterprise software, mobile, cloud/application management, big data/data analytics, security, healthcare IT, and diagnostics.

Right Investors

Maintaining alignment with our Limited Partner investors and with the companies in which we invest is very important to us. We offer the ability for our investors to participate in later, growth round stages of financing in our portfolio companies through our Co-Invest Fund, thus providing a way to deploy more capital, shorten the duration and improve the economics and returns. At the same time, this provides our portfolio companies access to more capital if the need arises.

We Look For:

Portfolio companies that have…

  • Strong, experienced and motivated founding teams
  • Proprietary, cutting edge technology which addresses immediate and large markets
  • Clear pathways to measurable and financeable milestones
  • Reasonable and disciplined cash burn
  • Early strategic partnership or investment potential

Investment opportunities where we can…

  • Seek significant equity ownership positions at attractive valuations
  • Leverage the operational, financial and technical expertise of the investment team and the network, including networks in other technology centers in addition to the Bay Area
  • Capitalize on opportunities where Shoreline’s cross-border network provides preferential access to business relationships and markets

Our Portfolio

Our experience includes the following investments:


aryxImagelock lifeline speedchain Privada






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