Bob Spears

Managing Director
Bay Area


Bob is a Co-Founder and Director of Shoreline Venture Management and a General Partner in  all Shoreline Venture Partner Funds.  He formerly held senior executive marketing positions at General Mills, The Clorox Company and The RAM Group, a consumer products consulting firm. Bob has been on numerous boards and has served as acting CEO for two Shoreline portfolio companies. He holds an AB from Stanford and MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth.

Bob allocates time for not-for-profits and squeezes in travel and an occasional round of golf when time permits.

Current Investments

Zomanex Canada

Select Past Investments

Lifeline Technologies
Health Hero (acquired by Bosch)
Attune Systems

"Bob and the Shoreline team have been an important part of the CoinFlip story. Not just as investors providing the capital needed, but trusted advisors with a strong network of individuals to help understand and grow the business. Bob the “Godfather”, has a calm demeanor in the face of a challenge and a shrewd ability to navigate complex business situations. As a board member and investor, he has provided the right mix of guidance, involvement and space to run and innovate. We are fortunate to be benefiting from his years of wisdom, experience and success. The entire shoreline team is an impressive group of smart, connectors who we are proud to call our partners."

Bill Catania

CEO of CoinFlip