We adhere to a proven process in evaluating investment opportunities.

If you believe your idea or company fits the Shoreline model, please submit a business overview or executive summary through our website at info@shorelineventures.com or directly to one of Shoreline’s Managing Directors.

We will review your investment opportunity and follow up quickly. Should we find it interesting, we will arrange an initial phone call or meeting with you and key management. In our initial meeting with a prospective portfolio company, we expect the founder or management to address the following key points of the business plan:

Immediate problem or need addressed
Business concept (and demonstration if possible)
Management and organizational structure
Targeted customers
Size of market opportunity
Development timetable
Pro forma 1-3 year budgets
Funding requirements
Use of proceeds

Shoreline’s Directors will quickly provide feedback and discuss the initial assessment with your company. If there is continued mutual interest, Shoreline will work with you to conduct additional due diligence on your venture.