Thursday, June 21, 2018
Author: Dr. Joseph Slember | SVP Engineering, DBM Cloud Systems

DBM Cloud Systems and IBM are collaborating to deploy our software platform to efficiently and selectively replicate data across hybrid, IBM Cloud regions and from AWS. We signed an agreement with IBM to sell DBM’s Advanced Intelligent Replication Engine (AIRETM) as a Service through the IBM Cloud catalog..

Why are IBM and DBM Cloud Systems collaborating?

#1. Highly selective replication identifies objects via patent-pending algorithms

We built the most advanced software platform for replicating unstructured data in the Cloud and will be offering it as a Service on the IBM Cloud.  AIRETMmaximizes performance by selectively replicating only new and changed data based on metadata tagging and synchronizes IBM COS data in hybrid and multi-region IBM Cloud environments.

#2. High-performance architecture at petabyte scale

Our replication service can manage petabytes of IBM COS object data across highly distributed IBM Cloud architectures with rock-solid reliability and we dynamically adjust system load to maximize throughput.  This gives customers the ability to scale resource usage and performance.

#3. Intelligent replication for cost optimization

Our replication service is based on policies linked to object data which drastically reduces time and resources required to maintain data consistency across source and target IBM COS environments. Selective replication also minimizes replication time, cost, CPU utilization and bandwidth.

IBM Partnership

“Offering DBM Cloud Systems’ AIRETM solution as part of IBM’s Cloud Catalog gives customers a competitive advantage in their use of cloud technology and increases the ROI of IBM Cloud,” said Walter Falk, Head of IBM Business Development, Watson and Cloud Platform. “The AIRETM Software-as-a-Service solution takes the security and benefits of IBM Cloud to the next level.”.

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DBM Cloud Systems provides the most scalable software-only platform replicating object data across Cloud and hybrid environments.  Patent pending.

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  Dr. Joseph Slember, SVP Engineering

Joe Slember is SVP Engineering and responsible for all aspects of the software development process for DBM Cloud Systems. Prior to joining DBM Cloud Systems, Joe was VP of Software Engineering at Oracle. Joe began his career at IBM Research and has held engineering leadership positions at Pi-Coral and Violin Memory. Joe holds a B.A. in Economics from Davidson College, an MS in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh and a PhD in Electrical Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.