PatientTouch Video improves efficiency, safety, and satisfaction of the clinical communication experience within health systems’ existing infrastructure

June 11, 2020 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PatientSafe Solutions, a leader in clinical communication and collaboration solutions for the healthcare enterprise, today launched video capabilities within the PatientTouch platform. The solution enables care team members to interact with one another and patient families safely and efficiently via workflow-triggered video sessions.

PatientSafe Solutions Launches Mobile Video Capabilities for Virtual Team-Based Care. PatientTouch Video improves efficiency, safety, and satisfaction of the clinical communication experience within health systems’ existing infrastructure

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The rapid implementation in hospitals of consumer-focused video platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused further fragmentation of workflow in the inpatient setting. Health systems are now re-assessing their technology portfolio to ensure a more logical approach that aligns to long-term enterprise standards. By layering video into the PatientTouch platform, health systems can enable clinicians to easily start, manage, and coordinate the video sessions essential to virtual team-based care in a simple, effective user experience aligned with the health systems’ video solution of choice.

PatientTouch Video enables virtual care team consultations and patient rounding using current hospital-owned shared devices or on physician-owned devices (Bring Your Own Device). Video calls can be initiated with one touch from within the PatientTouch application just as easily as a secured message or voice call for a streamlined care collaboration experience. PatientTouch video is patient-centric and integrated with the hospital’s existing video and clinical system standards, allowing care team members to know who is assigned, on-call, and available for on-demand consultations, either one-on-one or in groups.

“PatientTouch enables more effective coordination as health systems rethink clinical operating models,” said Si Luo, CEO and president of PatientSafe Solutions. “Triage, hand-off, patient transfer, and care coordination are now even more complex and sensitive. We are proud to be working alongside our customers to effectively reimagine the future of care delivery.”

As hospitals redesign operations and clinical workflows for the new normal, video can improve both efficiency and safety. Providers have faster access to their patients, enabling them to round more quickly and potentially broaden the areas and care settings in which they can practice and coordinate with other members of the care team. As hospitals look to recapture demand with significantly reduced resources, this is an important consideration. In addition, video-based care reduces the risk of exposure and helps PPE efficiency by minimizing the number of staff required in-room while keeping care teams safe and reducing clinician toil.

“For the patient and their family, video enables the personal experience of care we all need in order to ease the negative impacts of isolation,” said Steve Baum, SVP of Product at PatientSafe. “To deliver this capability and support frontline caregivers, we must reduce fragmentation and align on a clear set of virtual, team-based workflow experiences that cut across all phases of care without the need to navigate between three or four separate systems. PatientTouch Video integrates and aligns with a health system’s platform of choice and provides workflow, hand-off, and video session management capabilities.”

About PatientSafe Solutions

An industry leader in clinical communication and collaboration solutions for healthcare, PatientSafe helps hospitals measurably improve efficiency, clinical outcomes, and satisfaction by enabling smartphone-based closed-loop workflows. PatientSafe delivers quantifiable safety and quality improvements through a mobile platform that extends an organization’s EMR, clinical and communication infrastructure, and seamlessly enables virtual team-based care workflows. The company’s PatientTouch® platform simplifies care team collaboration by consolidating secure messaging, voice, video, pages, alerts and alarms, EMR data, rounding and documentation in one mobile experience, on one device, for the entire care team.


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