The Clinical Communication Platforms 2020 – Advanced User Insights report highlights PatientSafe’s standing as the only non-EMR vendor to support both advanced clinical communication functionality and bidirectional EMR integration

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PatientSafe Solutions, an innovation leader in clinical communication and collaboration for the healthcare enterprise, is profiled in KLAS’ Clinical Communication Platforms 2020 Advanced User Insights report. The report is intended for organizations that are looking to move from an already mature secure communication approach to full clinical communication across their enterprise, with a willingness to devote significant organizational investment, governance, and development efforts in partnership with their vendor. The report illustrates the workflows their peers are tackling, potential outcomes that can be realized, and best practices to implement.

PatientSafe Solutions Recognized for Strong EMR Integration, Advanced Nurse Workflows, and Patient-Centered Care Team Communications in KLAS Report

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PatientSafe’s PatientTouch platform offers a full spectrum of communication and clinical workflows for the acute care environment, including patient-centered care team communications, unified communications, and advanced nursing workflows. The report states, “PatientSafe Solutions is unique as the only non-EMR vendor to have bidirectional EMR integration (with Cerner, Epic, and MEDITECH).” The report also notes that PatientSafe’s advanced users deploy a comprehensive set of communication, alert, and intervention-triggered clinical workflows, including enhanced clinical surveillance, documentation and advanced nursing functions, as well as early adoption of pre-admission and discharge workflows for the care team and ancillary roles.

The report features case studies from each vendor’s client base. According to one of PatientSafe’s customers, “We are sending discharge and transfer orders directly to the bedside nurses’ phones now. One of our organizational goals is to look at throughput and how well we move patients to the right location at the right time to get the right care. It is really important for us to get patients discharged when they are ready to be discharged, to move patients up from the ER, and to transfer patients out of the ICU right away so we can get the right patients in the right beds.”

The case study customer also commented on the patient care benefits of completing documentation in the mobile PatientTouch app. “We have been able to move a lot of our documentation for our patient care techs to documenting from the iPhone. When [clinicians] have a mobile phone, they can document right at the bedside. Then they can go right back to caring for patients.” Eliminating the use of shared Workstations on Wheels and desks reduces time, conserves supplies spent on disinfecting equipment, and decreases infection risk to staff and patients.

Customer feedback cited in the report discussed the PatientTouch platforms’ benefits to the physician community: “The app for physicians has a very streamlined Interface… Roles come over from the EMR, and physicians can mask their phone number If desired while still getting pertinent messages for their assigned patients. Thanks to the EMR Interface, physicians get notifications about stat medication orders and can access all key patient Information from the PatientSafe tool to help them stay informed.”

“We are delighted that KLAS recognized PatientSafe’s unique ability to support our clients with a comprehensive clinical communication platform while drawing on our historical EMR integration strength to bring added benefit to bedside caregivers,” said Si Luo, PatientSafe CEO and President. “This report is an important resource for health systems who are accelerating execution of an enterprise-wide mobility and virtual team-based care strategy as part of their COVID response.”

The report included key outcomes PatientSafe customers have achieved:

  • Removal of clinical communication barriers, leading to strong user adoption. Customer commentary on this outcome include: “The providers were grumbling during go-live, but once we put the phones in their hands, they were wondering why we haven’t been using a tool like this all along. One of our biggest naysayers jumped right into using the tool. I get goosebumps about it. Our clinicians didn’t realize how much their day was being impeded by the inability to communicate efficiently with their team and other teams.”
  • Reduced amount of delayed documentation and less time spent documenting.
  • Increased completion of ambulation documentation (from 39% to 49%).
  • Clinicians know who to call and who is responsible for which patients.

“Clinical communication and collaboration technologies are a strategic investment critical to enabling remote care across the healthcare enterprise,” said Tim Needham, Chief Commercial Officer. “Health systems deserve a platform that helps their caregivers treat patients efficiently and effectively as they look to recoup demand and revenue.”

About PatientSafe Solutions

An industry leader in clinical communication and collaboration solutions for healthcare, PatientSafe helps hospitals measurably improve efficiency, clinical outcomes, and satisfaction by enabling smartphone-based closed-loop workflows. PatientSafe delivers quantifiable safety and quality improvements through a mobile platform that extends an organization’s EMR, clinical and communication infrastructure, and seamlessly enables virtual team-based care workflows. The company’s PatientTouch® platform simplifies care team collaboration by consolidating secure messaging, voice, video, pages, alerts and alarms, EMR data, rounding, and documentation in one mobile experience, on one device, for the entire care team.

Information about PatientSafe’s outcomes-first implementation methodology that drives impactful results is available here.


Kim Tucker