ISLANDIA, N.Y., March 7, 2012 – CA Technologies today announced several significant new features, partners, offerings and growth milestones in the Cloud Commons® ecosystem. Since the launch of the Cloud Commons Marketplace and Developer Studio in November, membership has increased by more than 40 percent and more than 500 members have joined the Developer Studio. The Cloud Commons Marketplace now includes over 50 enterprise-class solutions from CA Technologies and partners including AFORE SolutionsLayer 7 Technologies and Dome9 Security. In addition, developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) can now use the Developer Studio to create cloud-ready IT solutions designed for both public and private cloud environments at no cost, using CA AppLogic® software on test grids provided by partner ScaleMatrix, a private cloud hosting and San Diego colocation company.

Cloud Commons Marketplace Highlights

The Cloud Commons Marketplace features several new offerings spanning managed services, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, including cloud applications, appliances, templates, packaged services, and content for cloud applications. Notably, CA Technologies is making available nearly 20 products that help customers maximize their CA Process Automation investments. Enterprises and service providers can use these offerings to orchestrate IT automation tools quickly and efficiently, helping to streamline virtualization and cloud deployments.

Customers can also purchase additional CA Technologies software appliances configured to run on CA AppLogic clouds. Newly available CA AppLogic appliances include: CA ARCserve® software, CA Service Catalog, CA Oblicore Guarantee™ software, CA Service Desk Manager, and CA Software Change Manager.

Third-party partners with new solutions available in the store include: Acolyst, Armada Group, BirdHosting, Cirrhus9, CorePLUS World, DNS Europe, GigaSpaces, Radix Technologies, ScaleUp, Skygone, and Visionway.

Cloud Commons Partner Activity

AFORE Solutions recently announced plans to offer its CloudLink security and management solutions and professional services through the Cloud Commons Marketplace. CloudLink is a multi-tenancy solution that securely extends customer enterprise networks with end-to-end encryption of network traffic to CA AppLogic clouds. AFORE’s professional service offerings include integration and migration from other cloud platforms, as well as appliance development and deployment for customers and partners of CA Technologies.

Dome9 recently joined the Cloud Commons ecosystem and will offer its SaaS security management solution in the Marketplace. Dome9 provides a first-of-its-kind, automated cloud firewall management service that centrally manages security across all servers and clouds.

Layer 7 Technologies is introducing an API/Web Services Gateway deployed as a CA AppLogic appliance that enables enterprises to integrate data center applications with services they run in a CA AppLogic cloud. For ISVs delivering SaaS services from a CA AppLogic cloud deployed on-premise or through a managed service provider, Layer 7 secures and governs how APIs are exposed to Web and mobile developers.

Supporting Quotes

“As the depth and breadth of the ecosystem reaches critical mass, we’re now realizing our vision for a self-sustaining collaborative community, development site and e-commerce marketplace for all things cloud,” said Brian Burba, vice president of Solutions Management, CA Technologies.

“The Cloud Commons ecosystem has broken down the barriers to entry for software vendors, service providers and end users that want to aggregate, provide, or consume cloud services through a true e-commerce engine spanning CA Technologies and third-party cloud solutions, platforms and providers.”

“We’re excited to join the growing set of services available in the Cloud Commons ecosystem,” said Dave Meizlik, vice president, Marketing & Business Development, Dome9. “Most cloud servers have security stacks left orphaned because they’re otherwise unmanageable. Together with CA Technologies, Dome9 will deliver centralized and automated cloud security management across all servers and clouds.”

“The Cloud Commons ecosystem represents a powerful opportunity for reliable, consistent hybrid cloud computing,” said Dimitri Sirota, founder and vice president of Alliances, Layer 7 Technologies. “Our goal in partnering with CA Technologies is to make it easier for enterprises, service providers and ISVs building on the CA AppLogic cloud platform, to simplify how they expose APIs to external partners, mobile apps and corporate data centers through a rapidly provisionable API/Web Services virtual appliance.”

For more information about these new features, partnerships, and offerings, register at the Cloud Commons site and follow @CloudCommons on Twitter.

About the Cloud Commons® Ecosystem

The Cloud Commons ecosystem, sponsored by CA Technologies, was launched in May of 2010. Cloud Commons is intended for cloud developers, vendors, service providers and enterprises, and others who share an interest in cloud. The ecosystem delivers comprehensive resources for helping to accelerate the understanding, development and adoption of cloud computing. The ecosystem combines a knowledge-based interactive community, cloud development tools, cloud test grid, and an online marketplace for cloud solutions. Members can learn best practices and approaches for adopting cloud, speed the development of software projects that use cloud, and simplify the process of buying, selling, and hosting cloud solutions. Register and participate at

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