Blab:Measure works by leveraging data culled from Blab’s predictive social intelligence platform, then combines it with behavioral econometric modeling, a blend of various social sciences, traditional economics, psychology, anthropology, and neurosciences to identify the critical campaign drivers that influence performance-based and financial-based outcomes.

Blab then delivers a strategic and data-driven playbook — at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods — allowing brands to conceptualize content around the predicted drivers and keywords that will drive successful campaign outcomes.

“Brands want to proactively engage their audiences but often stumble when creating and placing content that will be compelling due to reliance on costly consumer surveys, qualitative and quantitative research that once commissioned are largely out of date,” said Blab CEO Randy Browning. “Moreover, most social media monitoring or analytics platforms only provide insights and reports on what previously worked instead of informing brands about what will resonate in the future and drive campaign success.”

Armed with these insights brands can more effectively optimize media buys, and engage consumers in the right moment and in the best channel with the most engaging ads, promotions or content that will deliver the desired, measurable results.

During its recently closed beta, Fortune 1000 companies using the Blab Predictive Social Intelligence platform saw engagement rates that exceeded what many of the best media teams in the world had provided. For example, Blab give agencies, brands and publishers insights into:

  • What if a billion dollar technology company knew that by emphasizing competitiveness in products and pricing, sales volume would go up by 1.61% and stock price would go up by 2.54%
  • What if a international manufacturer knew that by increasing awareness of environmental responsibility efforts would have a major impact on market value?
  • What if a leading packaged goods company leveraged the concept of “safety” within the context of sweetener directly impacts stock price negatively?
  • What if a leading consumer goods company knew that a campaign built around “youth and choices” would increase case unit sales by 11%?

Blab is used by Fortune 1000 companies and also licensed by agencies including Mindshare, one of thefour largest global media planning/buying agencies, Horizon Media, the largest independent media planning and buying agency in the U.S, and Razorfish, one of the fastest-growing digital and technology agencies.

About Blab
Blab is a pioneer in the category of Predictive Social Intelligence. Blab applies proprietary technology and big data processing to organize, pattern, and predict tomorrow’s online conversations today. Brands rely on Blab to understand what matters now, and predict what will matter next, giving businesses the predictive intelligence they need to adapt strategies, maximize opportunities, and minimize threats. For more information please visit