Hosts Breakfast Panel and Mobile Maturity Model Discussion with Key Industry Players Cisco, Connexall, and Jamf at HIMSS19

SAN DIEGO – February 13, 2019 – PatientSafe Solutions (PatientSafe), a clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solution innovator for the healthcare enterprise, today announced the release of the PatientSafe Mobile Maturity for Healthcare®. In the past five years, mobile adoption has predominantly been in an ad hoc reaction phase, resulting in significant fragmentation challenges. Ad hoc adoption is often propelled by single-purpose apps that clutter mobile device user’s home screens and create context switching and systems integration burdens for frontline clinical users and IT organizations.

In the past two years, we have seen the industry begin a concerted effort to seek a true platform approach to mobility solutions. Thought leaders are shifting to clinical communication platforms that encompass more than simple secured messaging, advancing toward integrated voice, alerts, and most importantly, true EMR-integrated workflows via a single, unified app that can deliver a fundamentally streamlined user experience.

Although there are pockets of excellence and promise, as a whole, our industry is still seeking truly repeatable processes and predictable outcomes management of mobile solutions. The PatientSafe Mobile Maturity Model for Healthcare® aims to serve as a navigational framework and strategy map to help health systems achieve the highest level of mobile technology adoption success, especially in the context of clinical communication and collaboration platform investments.

Based on data from a study conducted with HIMSS Analytics, the model enables hospitals and other healthcare facilities to not only assess their current state against industry progress but also provides a tool for developing a strategic and sustainable mobility roadmap forward.

“This is an exciting time in the Clinical Communication and Collaboration space,” said Si Luo, PatientSafe President and CEO. “Leading health systems have learned from the challenges created by earlier communications investments. They are now looking for a more sophisticated and scalable solution that can truly unify communication and clinical workflow. We hope the Mobile Maturity Model can help point the way. We invite and encourage our industry peers and analysts to comment, contribute to, and evolve this framework together. HIMSS provides the perfect opportunity to start those industry-shaping conversations.” Download the whitepaper.

PatientSafe will be joined by Cisco, Connexall, Jamf and their clients in a Breakfast Panel discussion exploring the six key capabilities and five stages of mobile maturity model. The panel will share real-world experiences and recommendations for creating a sustainable mobility strategy and plan.

Find PatientSafe at HIMSS 2019

PatientSafe will be in booth #1041 demonstrating the PatientTouch platform and providing free Mobile Maturity assessments tailored to your health system. You can also see PatientTouch in Cisco booth #858Jamf booth #7261 and Connection booth #3645.

About PatientSafe Solutions

Based in San Diego, Calif., PatientSafe Solutions is leading the way in clinical communication and collaboration solutions for healthcare. PatientSafe delivers measurable safety and quality improvements through a mobile platform that extends an organization’s EHR, clinical, and communication infrastructure and fits seamlessly into care team workflows. The company’s context-driven PatientTouch® platform unifies communication with workflow by consolidating text, talk, alerts, EMR data, clinical workflows, and customizable care interventions, all in one mobile app, on one device. For more than a decade, PatientTouch has helped clinicians both in and outside the hospital streamline care delivery, increase quality, and lower costs. Visit PatientSafe Solutions and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.