Category Disruption Possible from Smaller Vendors, Including PatientSafe.

SAN DIEGO – November 1, 2018 – PatientSafe Solutions, an innovative leader in Clinical Communications & Collaborations solutions for healthcare enterprises, announced today that it was a top-rated vendor for overall performance in the KLAS Decision Insights: Secure Communication 2018 report. PatientSafe Solutions received an overall performance rating (92.3/100) in the report. The report draws on input from more than 100 acute care and ambulatory organizations, examines the category’s evolution, and discusses trends in secure communication decision making.

Of considerable note in this year’s KLAS Decision Insights: Secure Communication 2018 report, KLAS introduced the Secure Communication Spectrum. This model stemmed from the fact that “… initial interest stemmed mainly from a desire to curb unsecured texting of PHI.” The Spectrum supports the observation that “Today, many acute care organizations are expanding their visions to include interfaces and functionality that improve communication for multiple workflows, thereby improving patient care.” PatientSafe was one of five vendors identified by KLAS as most aligned to communication platform and achieved an overall performance rating of 92.3.

Customers of PatientSafe Solutions were asked to rate the company’s PatientTouch® Communications solution, which delivers secure messaging, voice, alerts, directory integration, EMR integration, and a wide set of nursing clinical workflows via a single app deployed on smartphone devices. Findings show that PatientSafe scored* above the industry average across all rated categories within Sales & Contracting, Implementation & Training, Functionality & Upgrades, and Service & Support, with KLAS noting “…because of the quality of the tool and their strong relationship with PatientSafe Solutions, customers feel they get high value.”

*Scores based on limited data.

Highlighted in the KLAS report were some of PatientSafe’s differentiated capabilities in improving enterprise communication, including:

  • Customer satisfaction – PatientSafe is highly rated for overall satisfaction, rating 8.3/9.
  • Growing acute care organization interest – PatientSafe Solutions was specifically noted for the growing acute care organization interest in its high-quality products and high confidence in accommodating the desire for a communications platform. It is described as one of the vendors with a high potential to disrupt the category’s current landscape.
  • High value to customers – PatientSafe Solutions was noted for its combination quality of functionality and enterprise contracting capability to deliver high value to its customers.

A sampling of PatientSafe customer comments reflect KLAS’s observations:

“The staff members are able to communicate about things like medications, lab results, delay in surgery times, wait times, and patient family members without needing to call someone or track someone down personally…. Providers receive the full picture when they receive the information through PatientTouch Communications. Some of the other applications are secure, but those applications don’t tie everything together to relate to patient care. That is why we really liked PatientTouch Communications.”

A nursing director noted PatientSafe’s extensive functionality and integration capabilities, “The organization was using PatientSafe technology for many different functions. It seemed as though the product had been put together pretty thoughtfully so that it could address the needs of a front-end user. The tool was also flowing out of the EMR, and that is a real benefit.”

“KLAS has done a wonderful job in framing and tracking the clinical communications category’s evolution,” said Si Luo, CEO, PatientSafe Solutions. “We are thrilled to see the call-out of the “Secure Communication Spectrum” whereby there’s more separation and differentiation for provider organizations to discern between secure messaging applications and communication platform opportunities,” said Luo. “We are grateful for all of our customers’ endorsements and proud of our team’s effort in pushing our entire segment towards the complete unification between workflow needs and communications needs, while deeply integrating with EMR and other underlying infrastructure technologies.”

“Clinical Communication is still a fast evolving category, and PatientSafe is proud to be leading a generational shift from simple text and voice capabilities to a flexible and nimble solution that delivers high impact clinical value,” said Tim Needham, Chief Commercial Officer, PatientSafe Solutions. “We will continue to drive innovation in the category and deliver more value to our customers and partners.”

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About PatientSafe Solutions

PatientSafe Solutions obsesses over helping care teams communicate and work together reliably and efficiently. PatientSafe delivers measurable safety and quality improvements through a mobile platform that extends an organization’s Electronic Health Record, clinical, and communication infrastructure and fits seamlessly into care team workflows. The company’s context-driven PatientTouch® platform unifies communication with workflow by consolidating text, talk, alerts, EMR data, clinical workflows, and customizable care interventions, all in one mobile app, on one device. For more than a decade, PatientTouch has helped clinicians both inside and outside of the hospital streamline care delivery, increase quality, and lower costs. PatientSafe is headquartered in San Diego, California. Visit PatientSafe Solutions and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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