Wireless device delivers clinical mobility enabling clinicians to orchestrate patient care, clinical processes, and data in real time

LAS VEGAS, Feb 21, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — (HIMSS) — PatientSafe Solutions is reinventing clinical care delivery with the release of PatientTouch 3.2(TM), an industry-changing wireless clinical mobility solution that enables nurses to access patient data and clinical workflows, while communicating with the entire care team from anywhere in the hospital via an intuitive mobile appliance running on the Apple iPod touch(R).

“The healthcare industry has been trying to tap into the power of computerization for many years. Adopting electronic medical records is a huge step — but being able to access critical information from existing HIS systems and quickly document back into these systems via a truly mobile device will revolutionize the care delivery process,” says Jim Sweeney, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PatientSafe Solutions.

Designed exclusively for frontline clinicians, the solution supports Mobile Care Orchestration, a category defining approach that enables healthcare organizations to orchestrate people, processes, and data in real time. When hospitals create such environments, the various components of clinical care are immediately coordinated as nurses are constantly connected to their patients, the care team and existing EHRs.

By expanding the platform to include additional Positive Patient Identification (PPID) modules, care interventions, and clinically contextual communications, this new iteration of PatientTouch will enable nurses to access real time patient information and manage a wide spectrum of care activities at the bedside or from anywhere in the hospital using a single, intuitive handheld device.

According to Steve Shirley of Parkview Medical Center, a nationally recognized 350-bed acute care facility, “PatientTouch will fundamentally change how our nurses deliver care. With this device, they can focus completely on the patient’s needs — without interrupting the care process to search for vital information. Instead, real time data and critical workflows can now be accessed and documented with a single handheld device.”

“As we look towards the next stages of meaningful use, clinical mobility platforms such as PatientTouch will be critical in meeting new requirements and augmenting existing EHR systems. Healthcare providers will be pressured to rethink the care delivery process and facilitate care coordination as it relates to real time information access, accurate quality report data capture, timely documentation, and effective care team communications–and that is exactly what PatientTouch can help them do,” says Joe Condurso, President and Chief Operating Officer.

PatientTouch communicates directly with existing EHRs and is designed for the clinical environment. Compliant with HIPAA regulations, PatientTouch combines the Apple iPod touch(R) with the electronic Mobile Medical Application (eMMA(TM)), a custom jacket that is ruggedized, IP-54 compliant, outfitted with a barcode scanner, and equipped with extended battery life for full-shift operation.

By connecting frontline clinicians to their patients, care team, and existing EHRs, PatientTouch improves safety, quality, efficiency, and nursing satisfaction, while reducing costs. PatientTouch is expected to help the typical 350-bed hospital realize more than $8 million in annual savings from substantial reductions in medical errors, hospital-acquired infections, falls and pressure ulcers — as well as from improvements in nursing productivity.

PatientTouch will be on display at HIMSS 2012 in booth 12928. For additional information, visit www.patientsafesolutions.com .

About PatientSafe Solutions

PatientSafe Solutions, a health information technology company based in San Diego, California, delivers real-time mobile clinical solutions to hospitals to improve patient safety, quality, and satisfaction while decreasing costs. The company offers mobile devices that make it possible for frontline clinicians to access data at the point of care or anywhere throughout the hospital, making it possible to improve care delivery, patient safety and organizational workflow.

The company is led by senior executives with a proven track record of solving difficult healthcare problems with innovative technology, solutions, and services. CEO James M. Sweeney is a recognized leader in patient safety and was responsible for the award-winning “Beyond Blame” video, which has become a critical industry standard describing in detail how medication errors affect practitioners and patients. PatientSafe Solutions was named one of the Wall Street Journal’s Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies in 2011.

About Parkview Medical Center

Founded in 1923, Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado, offers general acute healthcare and behavioral health specialty services. As a private, non-profit organization, Parkview is licensed for 350 acute-care beds and provides a full range of healthcare services including the region’s only certified and verified Level II Trauma Center as well as the region’s first certified Stroke Center. Parkview Medical Center is the leader in cardiac, women’s, emergency, and neurological services as well as behavioral health programs. As a vital healthcare source, Parkview’s service area includes Pueblo County and 14 surrounding counties, which together represent 350,000 total lives.

SOURCE: PatientSafe Solutions