Posted by Benjamin Bressler on May 23, 2016 12:43:47 PM


Grapeshot:Predicts powered by Blab is the world’s first live audience targeting solution predicting intent – what, when and where your audience is going to search, read, and watch, up to 72 hours in advance! Predicting intent dramatically improves all relevant KPIs – from eCTR to performance engagement.

  • Blended taxonomy of Blab + Grapeshot rolled into the first data layer for a targetable live audience with true intent.
  • Precise predictive targetability – for consumer brand and performance-driven campaigns.
  • Highly accurate while eliminating otherwise wasted spend delivering higher engagement.
  • Introductory price at $0.60 CPM for 4 – 6 week tests including feedback loop.

Grapeshot:Predicts powered by Blab is live within AppNexus and The Trade Desk ready for immediate use.

Grapeshot is a trusted keyword data provider, which improves campaign targeting reducing wasted impressions. Blab is the industry leader in predictive data analytics for Media, providing content discovery and campaign targeting solutions. We have joined forces to build Grapeshot:Predicts powered by Blab.

Call or email Randy Browning, CEO Blab, to schedule a test.