As the first and the only communications group from China stepping into the international arena, BlueFocus International is dreaming big.

It was previously hard to imagine a China-based communications group going global in such a speedy and well-organized manner. However, BlueFocus, which is the largest agency group in Asia from a revenue perspective, is obviously dreaming big.

Since the establishment of BlueFocus International in 2013, a wholly owned subsidiary of the group whose overseas headquarters was chosen to be located at the heart of Silicon Valley, BlueFocus International has been marching aggressively into the global market through a series of investments and acquisitions, such as Vision 7, the largest Canada-based agency group consisting of iconic agency shops such as Cossette and Citizen Relations. It also acquired We Are Social, a fast-growing social-centric global agency with origins in UK.

The goal is clear. As a listed company on the China Stock Market, BlueFocus has clearly set ‘Go Digital’ and ‘Go Global’ as the growth strategy for the next decade. Back in China, the base camp where the company started as a PR firm nearly 20 years ago, the local industry has witnessed remarkable changes to BlueFocus over the past couple of years, due to the strategic moves the company has made.

For example, the company has established a central digital team at corporate level, which specializes in big data, e-Commerce, and mobile. Last month, it just announced the acquisition of two leading mobile ad vendors in China, which immediately made the company the largest player in this particular field. Outside of China, BlueFocus International has also been actively seeking to pinpoint the right targets that can further maximize its global portfolio. After acquiring Fuseproject, the company hopes that the renowned design firm can bring strategic value in integrated branding solutions. BlueFocus also invested in BlabPredicts, a cloud-based social intelligence firm that can predict the buzz trend in 72 hours, which enables brands to customize marketing programs in a real-time manner.

BlueFocus’ ultimate vision? Transforming into a total solution provider of truly intelligent marketing communications services. As the first and the only communications group from China stepping onto the international arena, we have reason to believe that there must be more to come in near future.

Daniel Liu is the global marketing director of BlueFocus International.