PR agency Zeno Group has struck a deal with Blab, a predictive analytics tool that can predict “meaningful and relevant online conversations up to 72 hours in advance”.

Singapore, April 6, 2015: Blab Inc., the marketer’s crystal ball and the only predictive analytics tool that predicts meaningful and relevant online conversations up to 72 hours in advance, today announced it has partnered with Zeno Group. The companies will offer Asia Pacific-based regional brands the ability to forecast ‘online trends’, enabling companies to decide how to appropriately respond to good or bad news, tailor content and/or ad spend as needed to optimize engagement. 

“In today’s consumer driven world, brands must engage audiences on their terms. To do this, you first need to discover what they are talking about and then predict if it will resonate. This enables brands to get out of reactive mode and drive real-time, adaptive marketing on their terms,” said Randy Browning, Blab CEO. “Blab creates this opportunity and is partnering with progressive agencies, like Zeno, to execute.”

Similar to how Google indexes information and Facebook maps social connections, with Blab brands can now discover the contextually relevant conversations their audiences are participating in, and predict the dynamic path of conversations as well as when, where, and how to engage.

This matters because most industry analytic tools focus on past discussions with the hope of driving some predictive insight. Instead Blab’s Conversation Graph changes with the pulse of social discourse and immediately surfaces the trends, topics and media in the limelight now, and/or might not have even existed yesterday.

“Marketers have historically used past performance to determine future performance but now it’s about using real-time data to drive real-time marketing decisions on the fly,” said John Kerr, managing director, Zeno Group Asia. “As an agency, we believe that social intelligence, acting and reacting quickly, and staying attuned to the cultural zeitgeist should be at the forefront of everything we do. Through the partnership with Blab, Zeno can help forward-looking brands to deploy optimized content, pinpoint media buys and adapt campaign strategies in-flight. It’s no longer enough for companies to be aware of what is trending today and reacting to that but it’s crucial for them to understand tomorrow’s conversation so they can make proactive decisions.”

The new partnership will complement the agency’s data-driven approach to content, as well as its suite of offerings specializing in consumer marketing with a digital edge, including advocacy, real-time newsrooms, social amplification, engagement planning, and process management and design.

By leveraging predictive conversation insights, marketers can adjust, change, optimize and personalize everything from ad spend and content, to engagement and communications tactics. This is a breakthrough for marketers tasked with generating ROI for their campaigns, content and digital media buying activities.

Blab is used by Fortune 1000 companies in industries including consumer packaged goods, automotive, consumer electronics, and technology.